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Get the free download of Borderline, a gay romance short story by Jeris Jean.

Drew finds nothing sexier than Killian sliding his hands all over his body each morning. Too bad it isn't by choice. Killian is the head of the makeup department on Drew's film set, and his job is applying Drew's expansive fake tattoos every day. How long can Drew continue to hide how Killian's touch affects him?

Killian has never in his life been so attracted to another human being. Too bad this one is completely out of his league, completely off limits, and completely unavoidable. How long can Killian maintain his professional composure when every day with Drew makes him that much more appealing?

Borderline is a sexy M/M romance short story. It works as a stand-alone read, but it also serves as a prequel to the Hollywood Hopefuls series, taking place right before Book 1, Running Lines.

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